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Let’s boldly take Star Trek comics where no Star Trek comic has gone before and ask, “Who could the guys and gals of Starfleet team up with in the pages of comics?”

It’s a great time to be a Trekkie and a comic book fan with fortnightly classic trade paperbacks hitting any decent newsagent near you in the UK.

In terms of team-ups, they have already teamed up with the Planet of the Apes, Doctor Who and the time lost Legion of Superheroes. One that is on my reading list, of course, Star Trek/ X-men crossover.

So let’s speed into this list at warp 9 then, who should star in the next big Star Trek tea-up?


alien xenomorph

That’s right the ones that Sigourney Weaver did battle with during the 80s and even has its own successful brand of comics being published by Dark Horse with its long successful history of crossovers.

Notable mentions include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and long term nemesis, Predator.

I mean it’s a fairly simple idea if you think about it. The crew of the Enterprise (it can be captained by Picard, Kirk or even for a laugh, Archer) comes across a distress call from a far away space station or planet where comms has been cut off and we watch the red shirts deaths rack up.

Simple right? If anyone thinks these two franchises don’t work together since the Alien franchises bleak and corporate future is very different from the peaceful and optimistic future of Star Trek.

You could just have the crew of Voyager encountering them in the Delta Quadrant? Maybe Aliens are actually an offshoot of Species 8472?



Imagine this, The Enterprise receives a command from The Federation to open up diplomatic relations with the Planet Cyberton as it seems their ‘leader’ Megatron thinks they’re ready to join the rest of the galaxy?

Do you want to see Optimus Prime and Picard have a dramatic face-off? Would you want to see Bumblebee and Grimlock fight the Borg?

Could The Borg assimilate Unicron? Would Megatron join The Dominion?

Would the Enterprise phaser the spark of Starscream? All sounds like fun to me.


I’m fairly new to this classic Saturday morning cartoon franchise, but I think an away team exploring the Microverse would be a great jumping on point for me since I have a feeling publisher IDW has big plans for them.

Have you got any ideas? Let us know!

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