Top-down Arena Shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft NEEDS to be Greenlit

Independent developer 10Tons is back once again with another Steam Greenlight campaign, this time for an interesting looking top-down shooter, Tesla vs Lovecraft.

After the overwhelming Greenlight success of Time Recoil, 10Tons wants to repeat that success with Tesla vs Lovecraft a game which sees Nikola Tesla controlling a giant Tesla Mech blowing up waves of Lovecraftian nightmares invading the game.

The Tesla-Mech, the focus of the game, has players mowing down endless waves of horrors with twin-mounted miniguns, but not just any old miniguns, Tesla Miniguns. Other weapons at players’s disposal are the X-Ray Blade and the Death Ray, lovely.

Don’t let me bore you, check out the gameplay trailer below.

If you like the look of Tesla vs Lovecraft you can vote “Yes” on Steam Greenlight.