Two Player Stealth Infiltration Game Hacktag Enters Early Access

Today, developer Piece of Cake Studios have announced that their award winning co-op stealth game, Hacktag, is set for Steam Early Access on May 18.

The game features local and online co-op in which players must infiltrate a series of corporations in order to successfully complete each mission. One player infiltrates the building as the stealth agent. The stealth agent must navigate the isometric world with help from the other player, the hacker. The hacker infiltrates the level virtually, exploiting the network and sabotaging coffee machines, cameras and more.

There’s a tonne of character customisation options and skills to unlock and utilise. Hacktag’s levels are procedurally generated, there’s three corporations, 3 types of missions and an infinite number of levels.  The game will enter a closed beta phase with information available from the game’s website.

Check out some game play from the Alpha build of Hacktag in the trailer below.