It’s been a while since we heard about Volition’s new IP Agents of Mayhem, but today, Deep Silver has unveiled that the game is set to launch this August.

Following its June announcement last year, Volition and Deep Silver have remained pretty quiet about their “over the top” third person shooter, but now we’ve got some new information and a release date.

Set to launch on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on August 15 in USA, and August 18 elsewhere, Agents of MAYHEM will have players trying to take down Doctor Babylon, leader of LEGION, after the events of Devil’s Knight left the world in ruins.

Can MAYHEM, a lovable band if misfits, take down LEGION? Well, with an array of insane weaponry, they probably could, but not without leaving their own path of destruction along the way.

Agents of MAYHEM will have players switching between three MAYHEM agents as they explore the city of Seoul. The three characters will each offer their own unique abilities, weapons, and humour.

Check out the game’s latest trailer below:

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