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We Happy Few to be Feature Film

Gold Circle Films and DJ2 Entertainment have come together to adapt Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few.


We Happy Few is becoming a movie, Gold Circle Films and dj2 Entertainment, have announced.

We Happy Few is a videogame set in an isolated English town in an “alternate 1960s”. In this alternative timeline, the government imposes a drug-induced happiness which masks gruesome violence and conceals a horrible mystery. The game centres around one resident who, after breaking free of the drug’s effects, risks his life to learn how his home became a dystopian nightmare.

The movie will be produced by Gold Circle Films and dj2 Entertainment with dj2’s Stephan Bugaj executive producing. The team approached Compulsion Games with a pitch that will retain the menace and dark humour of the game.

Gold Circle and dj2 are currently looking for writers for the project.

“Our commitment,” says dj2 Entertainment’s Dmitri M. Johnson, “is to make a movie that remains true to and expands on its great source material.” Gold Circle’s Paul Brooks adds, “As a Brit and a fan of shows like The Prisoner, the game’s social satire resonated with me. I wanted this project immediately and am truly pleased a relationship with dj2 and their Business Affairs exec, Howard Bliss, helped make that possible.”

Let’s hope that the project is a success and doesn’t go to the video game movie graveyard with every other video game movie ever made.

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