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The Last Jedi trailer came out earlier today during the panel at Star Wars Celebration. And justifiably everyone has lost their shit. But let’s break this down, what were the key things we learnt and could possibly hint at what awaits in Episode VIII?

Luke Skywalker TALKS!

Contrary to popular belief, Luke still talks! After the frustratingly brilliant cliffhanger at the end of The Force Awakens, it became a running joke that Luke Skywalker was now mute, however judging by this trailer, he’s going to be saying some great words of wisdom.

Kylo and Phasma live!

Expected but glad to see confirmed! I’m hoping we see a change in their characters and they get a lot more screen time – especially Phasma, who I can see having great potential to be an awesome villain. Plus I wonder what battle scars Kylo Ren has gotten since TFA, mentally and physically…

We’re probably all going to cry at any Leia appearance…

The late great Carrie Fisher will live on through The Last Jedi, but even seeing the back of her head made my lip quiver. It’s obvious that there will be a beautiful tribute to Carrie during this film, and I’m sure we’ll find out the fate of Leia. Whatever happens, it’s going to hurt knowing this is the last time we’ll see General Organa and Carrie Fisher.

Could this be the end of the Jedi?

Will there no longer be the Light and Dark side? People think this means the Force will be gone for good, but I see it as the next generation of Jedi being more accepting, as well as the possibility of Jedi having no more boundaries – something Luke felt incredibly restricted by. In this situation, Rey might not have the choice of taking her time to lean towards one side.

One word: balance.

This trilogy isn’t relying too much on the Originals for much longer…

First Han Solo, now Leia (due to unfortunate circumstances), and now Luke. They are all legendary characters, but I think the first film and this one are telling us it’s time to move onto the next generation. It’s upsetting, but I think it marks a great turn into what will be an epic finale.

Rey will be a force (hehe) to be reckoned with

It looks like Rey’s going to be getting some training from good old Luke, but imagine how much more powerful she’s going to be. She could take on Kylo Ren with no training at all, imagine what she’ll be capable of once she’s got the Force under control. Excited is an understatement. Plus hearing the whispers of past characters hints that I’m sure we’ll be going through a rollercoaster!

Oh and the Resistance is kind of screwed

What do you think about the trailer? Personally for me, it’s kept my hunger satisfied for now. December cannot come quicker!

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