You Can Now Play Tethered Without a VR Headset

A massive new update has been released for VR strategy game Tethered. Most interesting of all, there is now an option to play the game in non-vr mode. This update follows on from the one in March which added PlayStation move functionality as well as PS4pro optimisation with native 4K visuals at 60fps.

The update also adds two new control schemes, slow-motion and fast-forwarding options as well as a new checkpoint save system. These new features will open the game up to more players as up until now it has been locked on PlayStation VR.

Tethered has you playing God as you reign over a beautiful island inhabited by the adorable and industrious Peeps. Work hard by day, collecting resources to fortify the island in preparation for nightfall when it is attacked by fiendish creatures.

Tethered is available for PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro for £18.99. $24.99, €22.99. To see the new non-vr mode in action check out the developer’s let’s play below.