STAR OCEAN: Till the End of Time PS4 Release Date

Square Enix announced today that the PS4 Port of STAR OCEAN: Till the End of Time will launch May 23. The game will be a digital exclusive for the PlayStation platform and comes with a host of new extras. Trophy support, share functionality as well as remote play will all be available in the new version.

STAR OCEAN: Till the End of Time was originally released on PS2 back in 2004. The game was developed by Tri-Ace and was the first in the series to add voiced dialogue and a shift to 3D. STAR OCEAN: Till the End of Time follows Fayt Leingod and his childhood friend Sophia Esteed as they embark on an adventure across the universe.

The game will come to PlayStation 4 as part of the PS2 Classics range. GTA: San Andreas, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Psychonauts are among other titles to get the PS2 Classics treatment.

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