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The Dragon Shield is the coolest bit of bling a Power Ranger canon, it’s like a belt in wrestling, or the Infinity comic in Marvel Comics.

Wielders of the Dragon Shield, that comes with Dragon Morpher for the Mighty Moprhin era of Power Rangers, was the aesthetic thing that made Tommy stand out. You could almost argue Tommy was the Power Rangers first real formidable foe.

Almost like the Joker is to Batman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with The Shredder.

Previous wielders include Tommy, Jason and even Zack. I’m sure if you go to a convention you’ll different colours of Power Rangers wielding the shield and of course different characters from all over the franchise.

The wearer is given a boost in power and even offers more protective capability. Even the cheap fabric one Jason David Frank had to wear in the American filmed footage as opposed to the more solid one worn in the original footage.

Though my task here is to persuade you as to why these lucky four candidates should wield the shield. People who embrace different qualities that would make them worthy candidates.

Any of the Alien Rangers

A cool (using the word very loosely) little fact about the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers is the Sentai it took footage from was actually ninja themed. These guys we’re like the temps that filled in whilst you were away having children or exploring Narnia.

That filled the Power Rangers gap when the rangers were turned into kids and couldn’t morph. I invite any fan of the franchise to explain was Justin could morph in Power Rangers Turbo by the way.

So since these guys didn’t a real chance to shine, I think of the replacement rangers at least deserves a chance to the shield and see what good they can achieve.

Ashley Hammond

The Yellow Space Ranger and Yellow Turbo Ranger, the coolest of the girl rangers from the Mighty Morphin era should get a chance to take that cool looking hoverboard and that shield and go around answering all the plot holes that Power Rangers in Space was supposed to answer.

Since Power Rangers Turbo was a dud, Space was supposed to end the franchise and answer all loose hanging questions, like who Phantom Ranger was. Though budget stood in the way of this, but on the other hand, Space Ranger was good, it saved the show from cancellation.

Bridge from Power Rangers SPD

It’s odd, you never see a lot of the Disney era rangers on the convention circuit, that’s why SPD quirky green ranger deserves to wield the shield.

It’s essentially an excuse for the goofiest ranger a chance to step up and show everyone what he’s made off.

One of the Western Rangers

My favourite two-parter from the original series is where the Pink Ranger goes back in time and has to enlist her team-mates ancestors to fight evil.

Since they wear the coolest cowboy boots ever. I’d happily let one of them have the shield just so I can see them again.

Have I missed any obvious ones? Lets us know in the comments!

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