Some people say the DC movies need a little more colour and what’s more colourful than a Power Ranger? Well maybe rainbow Batman stands a chance now I think about it.

When I talk about introducing a Power Ranger into the Justice League, I definitely think this should happen in the comics first. Why, you ask? I think it’s time that the Hollywood grand continuity experiment makes its way to the comics, but with different publishers each giving it a whack.

For example, what if Sakura from Cardcaptors turned up as a supporting character in Supergirl or even Batgirl? This wouldn’t be a limited series either, like Batman and Alien, or when Superman met Mohammed Ali. It’d work better as a permanent fixture which could lead to an occasional mega story event.

So, why do I think Power Rangers and the Justice League would work so well together? I kind of thought it would be interesting to see someone from a such a tight knit team going out on their own.

Would a Power Ranger be as powerful on their own? Or do they have to be all 5 have to be a success? How would their view on life change? Would they approach their superhero duties in a much broader way?

So instead of just focusing on defeating the threat that caused them to become a Power Ranger, would they go back to their team and propose that they stop bank robbers as well aliens? Since the Rangers tend to kill their opponents, would that guess some friction with these no-kill heroes?

Would it give writers to explore the morality of killing these golem-like monsters that they rangers clash against? Could the presence of this Ranger lead Rita Repulsa to strike against the Justice League? Or would DC Villains see some potential in striking against Angel Grove?

What if Zordon knew the Guardians of the Galaxy? Could the morphers be prototype Green Lantern Rings? If we go even deeper, what if Lex Luthor defeated Rita and usurped her powers?

It could at least be an interesting writing experiment which plays with the idea of continuity started in the movies by The Avengers.

Can you guys think of any, why don’t you let us know in the comments.

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