ARMS Global “Testpunch” Rolls Out This Month

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct for ARMS, it was announced that there will be a Global Testpunch akin to Splatoon’s Global Testfire events. These “Testpunches” will allow players to try out ARMS for free before the game launches on June 16.

The Global Testpunch will begin the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June. All Switch owners will need to do is download the demo from the Nintendo eShop and log in during the announced days. Everything begins on May 26 (North America only, rest of the world on May 27) and ends on May 28. The second round of Testpunch activity starts on June 2 (North America only, June 3 for everyone else) and ends on June 4.

Other news came up during the Direct about ARMS, basically detailing the rest of the game with a month to go before it hits store shelves. This information includes new game modes such as Hoops (slamming opponents through basketball hoops), V-Ball (punching and explosive ball over a net), Skill shot (break the targets mode), and 1-on-100 (defeat 100 enemies in a row, one at a time). Plus details on how online play will work, multiplayer and the rest of the roster of unique fighters.

ARMS is releasing the week of E3 so we don’t expect too much more information from the game before it’s available to the public. If any announcements come from E3, it’ll be sparse. You can read our full preview and prediction article regarding Nintendo at E3 here.