I knew this would happen. After singing praises upon last week’s strong pacing and all around quality, episode 30 starts off with a flashback, chewing up over 12 minutes of screen time. Sure, we all knew we were going to get one to explain the origin of Ymir’s titan transformation powers but… oh… no wait, we didn’t find out any of that… What the shit?

To be fair, I am faking my shock a little bit as I don’t recall the manga revealing this information at this juncture. But after being so titillated with how the previous episode wrapped up, it was quite difficult to get intrigued over Ymir and Christa’s backstory. The main takeaway here is that the two ladies are obviously very close, to the point that Ymir was able to see through Christa’s supposed selflessness and expose the truth in her wanting to give up and look heroic doing in doing so.

Even though my excitement was sleeping with the fishes, the theme introduced here was flipped around by the end of the episode, with Christa giving Ymir an ear bashing and calling her out for seemingly wanting to die heroic. Once again the show highlights the bonds between characters by using an event, a line of dialogue or a mannerism to display how they feel about one another. Which, to be fair, I can appreciate. What better way to make up for a slow start than to tie together and walk away with some character development.

Speaking of which, we have the shocking revelation that Ymir was the titan that ate Reiner and Bertholdt’s companion. Too bad we might not get an explanation since Ymir seems to have kicked the bucket after spending time in the titan mosh pit. The fight itself was exciting but only due to the narrative surrounding it as the animation was noticeably janky. The brick chucking jutsu was cool conceptually, unfortunately, it didn’t have the flair that I know this studio is capable of achieving. Given that we are now into the 5th episode of season 2, I gotta say that overall I haven’t been impressed with the action. But we know that Christa’s real name is Historia now so, thank god!

Sarcasm aside, I’m anticipating next week pretty highly. I decided to give the preview a watch and was reminded of where we are in the story relative to where I read up to in the manga. And if memory serves me correctly, there’s some crazy stuff on the horizon!

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