As predicted last week, the shouting match between Eren and Reiner was quite spectacular, complete with speed lines and with a slow zooming shaky cam like a badly produced Nigerian movie. And similar to those Nollywood flicks, it was a little hard to take this episode seriously.

It wasn’t a bad episode. We all knew that the narrative was going to select 50cc after moving at 150 for the past 3 weeks. My issue is in the execution, the crypticness of the information being given and the annoying, non-interesting main character vibe that Eren gave off while yelling his eyeballs out.

Admittedly, my opinion could be slightly painted by the foreknowledge of where the story will be going thanks to having read the manga and the fact that I’m not too fond of some of the stylistic changes that are on the horizon. But… if the writer were to ask for my suggestion, I feel I’d be acting within the realms of objectivity if I were to question if it’s a good idea to have an entire 18 or so minutes where 4 characters are discussing a whole bunch of nothing.


Okay, I guess Reiner is revealed to be having some mental issues after wrestling with the weight of breaking the wall. And there were some brief mentions of who the “real enemies” are before the kibosh was put on that too. So it’s clear that I don’t mean “nothing” in the numerical sense. I just think that after a series of big moments from the previous weeks, it would’ve been smarter to reward the audience with at least a snippet of non-perplexing information.

With that being said, I know that my gripes with this episode are mostly based in bias. My nose twitches when I’m sat in front of a show or movie that relies on it’s mysterious “who’s the killer?” narrative too much. It’s the reason why I’m not into most horror/thrillers and why I couldn’t watch more than 4 episodes of Westworld. I do think that Reiner’s cerebral state is an intriguing concept that’s worthy of being explored but the timing of it’s reveal after such a pivotal moment in the story seems a little misplaced. How is one supposed to be sentimental towards him whilst knowing the implications of his actions at the start of the entire show?

Nonetheless, the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting one way or another. That is, once we get past what looks like to be a flashback themed episode next Saturday… *sigh*

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