Pacman x Rubik's Collaboration

Grab some of that Hi-C Ecto Cooler, keep hold of your Back To The Future cinema ticket and slap some Duran Duran on the jukebox because “master licensee” The Smiley Company, Rubik’s and Bandai Namco have just announced quite possibly the most retro 80s collaboration ever – an official license and “style guide” for merchandise creators to craft products based on the legendary Rubik’s and Pac-Man IPs – which is set to include a limited edition run of Pac-Man themed Rubik’s Cubes releasing in 2017.

Unfortunately you can’t go out and buy one just yet, as this announcement is more of a call-to-arms for companies to take on the license and create merchandise featuring the imagery of both properties, but it’s definitely a sign that we could be getting some very cool retro “apparel, accessories, gifts, homewares, electronics & digital accessories and novelties” in the near future.

Smiley Company Vice President of Brand Strategy Lori Heiss said:

“PAC-MAN and Rubik’s are two of the biggest pop culture icons of the 80’s. The Smiley studio has created a very cool style guide based on the current trend for retro games merchandising. I am sure the products from this unique collaboration will be hits and are going to become collectors with all generations of geeks.”

Delphine Janczak, EMEA Brand Manager of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, had this to say on the collaboration’s announcement:

“PAC MAN and Rubik’s share similar heritage and they are both true icons of the crazy 80’s generation. They defy times, gender and age but most importantly they both manage to renew themselves while continuing to provide moments of fun to everyone. The combination of these two brands is the perfect explosive mix that will amuse and reunite old and new generations who share a common passion. We are really excited about this project and we cannot wait to watch PAC MAN Rubik’s breaking records!”

The collaboration aims to celebrate both brands’ heritage during the 1980s, where Rubik’s Cubes became one of the best selling toys of all time and Pac-Man broke records as the highest grossing video game ever.

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