Conceptualized back in 2014 by Sand Sailor Studios, Black the Fall was born to give gamers a taste of what it is like to be trapped in a communist environment. Based loosely on true events and inspired by things happening in the world today, Black The Fall shows an alternative choice where those who feel trapped do not stay silent, instead choosing to fight for freedom.

You play as a machinist who is sick of doing the same mindless work and living within the claustrophobic control of those in power. Deciding to escape the shadowy and dark halls that you have been confined to for decades, Black The Fall offers a challenge with each new room that you enter. Armed with your wits, a laser pointer tool called ‘The Desginator’ (which allows you to control machine and men), it is only you and a tiny robot that you team up with to plot and attempt escape.

Head-scratching puzzles combined with awe worthy scenery (that is colorful at some points and minimalistic at others,) you really can’t go wrong with this upcoming platformer!

Simple controls and navigation make for a game that is easy to get into. The goal is simple – don’t stop until you are free – and every puzzle that is thrown at you seems more clever than the last. When you finally solve one problem (probably after getting caught and dying a few dozen times,) your celebration doesn’t exactly last long because when you enter the next area, you realise “oh crap, there’s another one!” and you’re at square zero again.

I loved this personally, because it kept me on my toes and forced me to keep thinking outside the box. In some ways, it even had me thinking of Portal. While the game doesn’t hold your hand, giving the answers out plainly, little breadcrumbs always seem to be left out somewhere in the room to offer a clue as to what to do next. But you only really noticed them if you were paying close attention to the environment!

Speaking of the environment, the ascetic is simple and yet gorgeous. Reminiscent of art styles that you see in games like Oxen Free, Black The Fall has a living, breathing world that is almost like a third character and really sets the tone of the game. Using various machines to your advantage or diverting dangerous security cameras, the entire atmosphere makes it feel like something straight out of 1984, where the player feels constantly on guard and as if they are always being watched. The relatively basic soundtrack compliments the dim and dingy factory atmosphere as well!

Of course, in a world like this one, there is zero tolerance for rebellion. The enemies in the game – ranging from cameras to towering bulky guards – these guys are ruthless and make it no easy feat to beat your current puzzle on the first try. However, once you solve one, you feel pretty damn awesome and one step closer to overthrowing the guys who basically had you working like a slave.

In short, Black The Fall is a smart, atmospheric platformer with ingenious puzzles, telling the simple story of a brave character.

The game is set to be released sometime in June 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One so you’ve got no excuses to miss out on this one guys! What the trailer before and visit for more details! Let us know what you think of this promising looking game that is already racking up awards left and right!

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