Conarium is a horror / adventure game inspired by the aftereffects of HP Lovecraft’s ‘At The Mountains of Madness’. Though it doesn’t have a definite release date yet, Iceberg Interactive promises a game that is just as eerie as it is stunning and hard to look away from.

When I saw the trailer a few weeks back, I was immediately entranced. I had absolutely no idea what was happening story wise, but desperately needed to find out because as terrifying and creepy as it looked, it also seemed really cool.

You play as Frank Gilman and you are part of a team/expedition Miskatonic University’s Anthropology department, who have been trying to achieve a higher level of consciousness using a mysterious device called Conarium. Though you’re show to be the most promising test subject as it were, the device messes with your mind and you lose consciousness. When you awaken again (at the start of the game) you are alone at the Antarctic expedition base with more than one alarming side effect.

Seeing how the game started off underwater and then in a dimly lit hall with old music playing on a sonogram, it was pretty much impossible not to think of Bioshock. The entire atmosphere of the game gave off that vibe, except it wasn’t just drugged up humans lurking in the corners – it was something a lot more sinister that the game only allowed you glimpses of, letting your imagination do the rest.

Running around the seemingly abandoned antarctic base, I had to explore and find clues to uncover what was happening – all the while experiencing strange holographic-looking memories that don’t seem to be Frank’s. It definitely makes you question what is real and what is true.

Oh and don’t forget about the creepy macabre Lovecraftian creatures lurking around corners that you must avoid at all cost! Inspired some crazy talented imaginations and Lovecraft himself, you do not want to even get in the vicinity of these things… except you kinda do just to get a closer look.

With journal entries that Frank writes as you go along and voice recordings that you discover, you can uncover how the experiment might’ve gone wrong and why you lost consciousness as well as the kinda freaky history of what your base camp was long before your team arrived.

The music is really well done so far and compliments the dim lighting and mysterious atmosphere and – maybe it’s just me – but it really made me feel at times that I wasn’t completely alone or being watched which was kinda terrifying to say the least. Your character, Frank, offers just enough of a nudge to give you a direction but the game does a really good job of not just handing you the answer. Even if that dark dank opening in the rocks looks terrifying, you know you have to enter it to proceed in the game.

So far, I’m really hooked and transfixed by Conarium even though it was just a small preview – in fact, I’m pulled in and I can’t wait for the game to finally be released so that I can continue the adventure and figure out what the hell is going on. This Lovecraftian adventure invites you to stay up all night until you play it through. It’s already a game that has got gamers excited and dying for the release. Check out the chilling trailer below and tell us – is Conarium on your wishlist yet?

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