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Dark Souls: Tales of Ember #2 Review

Prepare to feast on four more stories.

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Dark Souls: Tales of Ember #2 yet again delivers a great expansion into the Souls universe.

Comprised of another 4 short stories, this issue recants tales from within the dark souls world that grant brief but memorable glimpses into just how dark this universe can get.

From a wanderer that holds the secrets of immortality, to a cursed knight plagued by endless invaders, to a Cat explaining the trivial, pointless quests of the embered adventurers (yes a talking cat like from Dark Souls 2), to a hollowed, disfigured set of twin sisters forced to share the endless agony of death; Tales of Ember #2 is a fun experience for anyone that loves the Souls series.

The art differs between each tale, and embodies the mood of each story perfectly. The tale of the immortal traveller is told through someone else, so to reflect that, the art looks as if it was run through an old projector with the colours some what faded and streaked. The story of the twin sisters is a more grotesque one, so the frames are more rough, violent almost in the way they’re drawn. The approach to each of these four stories is unique in its own way, and is something I appreciated.

The stories themselves are great, there isn’t much else to say, except that its just an overall enjoyable read. My only issue is that I wish there was more. More tales. More tragic, melancholic stories that further develop the Dark Souls Universe.


The writing compliments these other factors perfectly. Like a fine wine paired with the right cheese and chocolates. The stories within this issue have a well rounded flavor and satisfied my pallet. #foodanalogies

Overall this is another strong issue from Titan comics, one I wish didn’t end so quickly. Whats worse is we are left with no date of when we can expect another one! “Dark Souls will return” is all we have to hang on. So while I don’t know for sure when I can dive back into the Souls comic universe, I will eagerly await it’s return.

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