Today Bungie has finally given us a glimpse into the gameplay of Destiny 2.

Immediately, its apparent the campaign has received a much needed story focused overhaul. The cinematic trailer instantly gives more insight into the story than 90% of the cutscenes from the first game.

Dominus Gaul and his Red Legion attack the last safe place on Earth and steal the light from all of the guardians. Your loot, your power, your weapons, everything is lost. It is your job, your guardians job, to take back that light and learn how to build yourself back up after everything you had was lost.

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Bungie announced the 3 things they focused on to create a more immersive world. By giving us a world that pulls you in, amazing things to do, and making Trials, Nightfalls, and ALL Raids available to everyone! That last one is a biggie. Bungie announced that nearly 50% of players missed out on these opportunities in the first game. Making these missions available to anyone is a huge thing. I personally was one of the many players that could never get enough people to take part in the raids. So making them open to the masses is a smart move on their part.

Clans are combined with open matchmaking to allow everyone to play whatever they want. New players can join in clans if they’re looking to get into a raid when THEY want, and visa versa, if a clan loses a member at the last second, “Guided Games” is a way for them to find these single players to join their team. Bungie also paired with Blizzard to connect players even more. Through Battlenet players will easily be able to find new friends and make purchases in a breeze.

During the Homecoming mission we are shown our first glimpse of gameplay for Destiny 2. Instantly, the shooting looks even tighter. Amongst the even more polished gameplay we are shown peaks of the new supers guardians will have at their disposal. There is the Dawnblade for the Warlocks, The Sentinel for Titans, and The Arcstrider for Hunters.

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The Dawnblade creates a giant fiery sword that launches Warlocks into the air and lets them rain down flaming swords on their enemies. Sentinel basically turns Titans into Captain America. You create a shield that you can use to bash enemies away or throw them into enemies and watch at it bounces between them. The Arcstrider gives Hunters a lightning type staff and lets them unleash a flurry of blows into hoards of enemies at a break neck pace.

The new supers is just one of the many changes coming to Destiny. Of course with the new game comes a multitude of new weapons. The 3 kinds of weapons are power, kinetic, and energy weapon slots can now be customised to hold one of each OR all three of one kind of weapon to help optimise the way you want to play.

Another great addition is the ability to launch all the awesome new activities with out going into orbit! Want to go on a raid? Just pull up the menu. Want to travel to another planet? Just select it on your map and go. No more going to orbit for every little piece of travel between worlds. “Lost Sectors” are another welcome addition to the Destiny franchise. These dungeons can be found throughout the worlds you explore and all contain bosses with keys and some fantastic loot for players to collect.

Along with the planets we know, FOUR new planets will be added to Destiny 2. E.D.Z, or the European Dead Zone, is the new human settlement on Earth. Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, IO, and Nessus are the others that will be openly explorable when Destiny launches this September. To help explore these new areas, Bungie has given us an easier way to traverse them. Each planet will have a map that pinpoints and showcases everything there is to do on these mysterious new worlds.

From the looks of it, Bungie has learned, Bungie has listened, and Bungie is going to deliver a welcome smash sequel to the original Destiny. The wait is almost over, and to help us get a glimpse into this new game, an open Beta will be available this summer! For everything Bungie and Destiny related, check back with us here at n3rdabl3!

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