There’s around two weeks left until Bungie’s big Destiny 2 reveal event in LA, and we recently found a little bit more about what to expect from the kind of strange launch-party-but-not-really.

The invitations for the reveal went out and detailed that not only would the PS4 version be available to play, but also it’s PC counterpart. This should come as great news for those looking to play the shooter with a mouse and keyboard, as many developers seem to leave their PC ports as a slight afterthought. Bungie have certainly nailed the feel of their console shooters over the years, so I imagine that their PC version will prove no different.

There will be no restrictions on capturing video during the event, so expect a flood on new content coming out in and around the 18th May. A slew of YouTubers have been invited to the reveal, so there shouldn’t be any shortage of differing opinions shouted across those there interwebs.

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