Developer YAGER have announced that their spaceship action game Dreadnought will enter open beta on PC. Players can head to the game’s site to download and play the beta for free, with options available to pay for cosmetic items and specialised Hero ships.

The Open Beta introduced a brand new map, Ixion, which is Dreadnought’s largest yet. The new map takes place above Saturn’s moon Titan. Two new night variations have also been added to the Rings of Saturn and Red Sands maps.

Dreadnought features class-based spaceship combat in which players must  work together and exploit the enemy’s weaknesses. There’s over 50 playable ships and 5 distinct classes to choose from. Maps range from scenic planetary landscapes to galactic areas set in cold, dark space.

The game is currently in closed beta on PS4, which players can sign up for here.

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