The road to E3 2017 rolls on this week as we visit Sony’s plan for the PlayStation family. Taking their normal time slot on Monday night, Sony looks to follow the big announcements from Microsoft that we’ll have had over 24 hours to let sink in.

Mostly what Sony will have to show off will be there continued stellar line up of exclusive titles. Games such as God of War 4, Days Gone and the Spider-Man game Insomniac is working on. Though I believe we will get a few surprises, one in the form of Sucker Punch’s next game. Mostly with Sony, I expect a lot of software to be shown off, much like last year. The big news will be the release dates for these titles. I can see some of these games coming this year, but for the most part, they won’t. Just what I’m thinking.

Just like last week, I’ll be looking into news that is known information to keep expectations at a reasonable level. At times I’ll make leaps to bridge gaps to see how an announcement is going so we don’t get our hopes up too high. But just like last week, I will make some crazy predictions that I can see as being in the realm of possibility but ultimately are unlikely. Though if any of those come true, be prepared to see me tweet out, #GageWasRight.

Also, just to address other E3 rumours that are floating around, people are quoting this leak as a rumoured list of games to hit E3. I wouldn’t put an ounce of trust into this. Hell, the Uncharted expansion is called “Last Legacy” instead of the real name, “Lost Legacy.” Further, under Microsoft Studios it only lists State of Decay 2 when we know for a fact that is false. And the only Nintendo game on the list is Super Mario Odyssey, again, Nintendo has announced more titles that would make this list. There are other issues with the list but that should be enough to dispel this rumour. I only clear this up because people are bringing it to me asking what I think. I think it’s made up to get your hopes up.


God of War (4)

Being shown off for the first time last year as a surprise, fans cried with joy when they finally saw their iconic character walk from the shadows. Kratos is getting a new game for the PlayStation 4.

This new God of War game has been in development since 2014, so it’s had a bit of work done to it and apparently, it was said to be able to be played from start to finish as of December 2016. Of course, this comes this quote came after the game was absent from PSX but I wouldn’t worry too much.

Even knowing that, I still believe it is too soon for this game to launch this year. Although, I can see this gaming coming out in the Spring window of 2018 following the success Sony saw with Horizon: Zero Dawn launching around that time. This will get God of War out of the crowded Holiday release and Sony some extra fire power during the Spring. Again the release schedule, I think, will follow Horizon’s pretty closely.

Days Gone

Originally titled, “Dead Don’t Ride” Sony’s Bend Studios has been hard at work on their next game for quite awhile now. This was another title (and not the last) that was first shown off at last year’s E3. Getting a big showcase last year, I don’t expect too much new information but I do believe we get a firm release date.

Of this list I believe two games will launch this year, Days Gone being one of them. Within the same announcement time as God of War, I see Days Gone hitting first because it’s running on the Unreal Engine and it’s easier to find resources for development. Add that to the fact that this game has been in development for a while which you should gather by the fact of how much Days Gone Sony showed us last year.

This will be your Holiday 2017 title from Sony. If anything here is close enough to release it’s Days Gone or Gran Turismo Sport. Gran Turismo not being a huge title, and likely to be overshadowed by Forza Motorsport 7, will need some help to continue Sony’s first party software sales around Christmas time. Enter Days Gone. I expect an October 2017 release and that announcement will come at E3. Even if it’s not this year, I believe we see some confirmation of when we’re getting this title.

Gran Turismo Sport

Like I just mentioned, I believe Gran Turismo Sport is the other Sony exclusive coming at the end of the year. And I believe it will be launching in September to compete with Forza Motorsport 7.

Gran Turismo Sport was originally scheduled for 2016 before it was delayed in favor of “more polish.” The first closed beta eventually happened this year plus the added amount of development time makes me believe this will hit store shelves this year.

This has been mentioned that it is, in fact, a main entry in the Gran Turismo series. If that holds true be prepared for a full marketing push from Sony to make up for that Drive Club launch. Also, expect to see plenty of demos and previews from the game running in VR for the inevitable restocks of the PlayStation VR headsets.


Continuing the trend, here’s another game that was first shown off at last year’s E3. Spider-Man is being developed by Insomniac and a few months ago it was rumoured this title would hit this year but all you really need to see is this tweet:

The game can be dated back to as early as 2014 when Marvel was in talks with Sony over doing a game with a first party studio and getting the first party treatment. Although the talks happened in the better part of 2014, not necessarily concrete game development. I don’t think it’s likely at all that we see this game this year. Summer 2018 would be the perfect slot for Spider-Man to come out.

Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy

Little bit of a softball for myself. We know Crash is coming back on June 30, just a few weeks after E3. I imagine, just for the advertisement, we’ll see some footage from the collection. Reminding people that the game is coming and you should get it. Same thing Sony did with The Last of Us and Batman Arkham Knight. Both released around E3 and got a trailer to keep the hype up while other big announcements were flying around.

I don’t expect any kind of announcement. If you’re holding out for a Crash Team Racing Remaster announcement, let go. In that same vain, I think it’s more likely they bring CTR to the PlayStation 4 store than a remaster of the game.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Second softball. Uncharted: Lost Legacy is coming August 22 and will make an appearance at the press conference just like the Crash Bandicoot remaster will. They want you to be excited about the new announcements but not forget about what’s on the immediate horizon.

Build the hype for more Uncharted and remind people to buy it August 22.

Rolling with Uncharted, I don’t expect any kind of announcement of another Uncharted game. Not anytime soon, at least.

Knack 2

Knack 2 was first shown at PSX back in December and the internet was quick to shout, “why?” Because Little Big Planet 3 was garbage, that’s why.

Not too much to say about Knack 2. We’re expecting a late 2017 release but anything looking to Q4 of 2017 can easily be pushed to 2018. Get excited about more Knack! Or not.

Sucker Punch’s Next Game

Sucker Punch is working on something new and we have no idea what it is. The thing we do know is that it is a new IP and it is not another Infamous game. According to shinobi602 (who is a very reputable leaker – Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, etc.) has confirmed that Sucker Punch is bringing us a new IP in this post.

Outside of that, we don’t know anything. This is what E3 is all about, new and exciting games. Hopefully, whatever Sucker Punch is working on will keep up with all of Sony’s other exciting IPs coming out in the next few years. Sucker Punch probably wants to rinse out the slightly sour taste of Infamous Second Son anyway.

Detroit Become Human

Another game that has been in development for a long time, we can date preproduction back to late 2013 when Quantic Dream took their Kara demo and turned it to Detroit: Become Human. We’ve seen this game multiple times and from everything, we can point to it would seem as though the game is pretty far along. However, Quantic Dream is a studio that loves to take their time.

I can see this game being left off this year’s E3 in order to make room for another title. Let’s face it, we’ve mentioned a lot of games so far and we’re not done. Also, Detroit Become Human seems like a game we’re likely to see at TGC or Gamescom or even as late as Paris Games Week (the game was originally announced at this event in 2015).

This game could easily see another year or 18 months of development before it’s consumer-ready so I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this left off the E3 showcase.


Here is another game I can see being left off the E3 table in favor of another event. Media Molecule has been working on Dreams for a while now, as far back as 2013, and we were expecting a beta late last year that was ultimately pushed.

My problem with Dreams is, Media Molecule hasn’t put out a game from their big team since 2011 and it’s not exactly a game it’s more of a creation experience. The issue is how quiet Media Molecule has been with this project. We were expecting much more from them in 2016 but we only heard the bare minimum. My fear is that this game won’t come out or if it does it’ll be a free game or a jumbled mess. My hope, however, is they saw the potential for VR from this game and are switching it so a sweet tech-demo, creation tool using the PlayStation VR.

I’m hoping you’re not excited for Dreams because as it stands right now, this whole thing has dud written all over it.

Death Stranding

In my opinion, Death Stranding shouldn’t be at E3. We’ve seen enough of the super early footage Kojima and his team has done but outside of that, we don’t need another trailer for this game that isn’t even close to being ready. I think we’ve seen too much of this game so far and the hype is getting too big too early. Also, I think too many people believe we’ll see this game relatively soon which is just unlikely.

The game was announced at last year’s E3 and only entered full development this year. Knowing Kojima’s track record I would say this game is pretty far off. Possibly two years from now, far off.

Again, I would like it more if we didn’t see this game at E3. I’d like the developers to just continue what they’re doing and stop building this hype train that might have to last til 2019.

The Last of Us Part 2

This is another title we won’t see released for a long time and another title that I don’t think we need to see at E3 at all. This was just announced back in December 2016 with the first trailer and if you’re thinking to yourself that this game is coming out this year, you’re nuts.

This game is in very early development so I don’t think we’ll get concrete information about a possible release but I do think we’ll see it. Naughty Dog is huge for Sony and they’ll take their time but I can’t see Naughty Dog missing two E3’s in a row. A small trailer here is all I anticipate, nothing more. Ideally, they wont show anything at all, again there are a lot of games that could be at this press conference and they’ll need time for everyone.

It’s entirely possible that The Last of Us Part 2 is the last hurrah for PlayStation 4 much like the first game was for the PlayStation 3. This seems like another 2019 game, to me. Take your time, no need to build hype so early and burn us out on trailers.

Third Party Games

The games I talk about here are ones I anticipate being present at Sony’s conference for one reason or another. I left off games that are yet to be announced by third party studios like the rumoured Assassin’s Creed game, Bethesda’s unannounced titles and more. So I ran with four that I thought we could potentially see the most of at Sony’s press conference.


Call of Duty World War 2 is the newest game in the Call of Duty franchise, obviously and in recent years Sony has had some kind of exclusive deal with Activision for this series. From what we can tell, it’s not changing. PlayStation 4 gets the beta first and early access to new maps over Microsoft. All of this leads me to believe that the recent trend of CoD games at Sony’s conference will continue and it’ll be a mix of campaign and multiplayer. It’s already announced that the game will be playable at E3.

Another Activision title with content exclusive to PlayStation 4 is Destiny 2. We’ll see this game on May 18 in an event focused on gameplay. I expect the E3 showing will focus mainly on the story of Destiny 2, or to show us that the sequel even has a story.

Following an announcement at PSX, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will look to keep us excited in case it’s still coming this year. Since the game was revealed at PSX, I expect it to show up at Sony’s conference. No exclusive partnership has been announced at this point but following this trend would lead me to believe Capcom is giving Sony the buzz for this title. If we do see this game, which I expect we will, anticipate more characters and a release date. I don’t think we’ll see an exclusive character for PlayStation.

I don’t feel confident about Red Dead Redemption 2, as you can see here. I fully expect this game to be pushed from its 2017 window right into 2018. But if we do see this game at E3, I anticipate it will be at Sony’s conference only on the basis that Sony has been vocal that they’ve struck a partnership with Rockstar over select online features for Red Dead 2. Again, I don’t see this game coming in 2017.

PlayStation VR

Sony won’t go through their conference without mentioning PlayStation VR. I expect new games and demos to be shown off to keep the feeling alive that this is something you need. The best bit of news would be that they’re ramping up production to produce more units so it can be purchased somewhere. But at this point, they need to at least support the million units that have been sold.

As I mentioned, I’d like it if Dreams was turned into a VR game and we saw that here but likely we’re going to see new titles that will range from small experiences like the Batman demo all the way up to something that runs fully in VR akin to Resident Evil 7.


Everything here is a prediction and should be treated as such. Don’t blame me if you get your hopes up over these little predictions and when they don’t come true. Because, more than likely, none of this will be true.

Prediction: WB Montreal will show off a new Batman game. It’s been talked about for a while that WB Montreal is working on a new Batman game (and it’s not this one). WB Montreal is apparently working on a Damian Wayne Batman game that has been long rumoured and even talked about by reputable journalist Jason Schreier. Following trends of previous Batman Arkham games, they always show up at Sony’s conference and feature some in-game exclusives. I don’t expect that to change with the next Batman game or the next game from…

Prediction: Rocksteady will show off their new game at Sony’ conference. Rocksteady is working on something and from what we can tell and what they’ve said, it won’t be a Batman game. The heavy rumour is that it is a Superman game. I won’t link to any of the rumours because the sources aren’t the strongest and usually just link back to the same Reddit article anyway. There are a few images attached to these posts but those look awful at this point and not very real, in my opinion. At least not good enough for a studio with a proven track record. Rocksteady will have a new game out in the future, as to when is up in the air, but I predict this game will be shown first at Sony’s conference this year. Even if it’s just a teaser.

Prediction: Playstation All Stars is getting a sequel. If Knack can get a sequel so can PlayStation All Stars. Now, this is something else that has been rumoured but again, the sources are extremely weak here. I won’t link anything as to not give anyone extra steam, mostly they’re pictures of third party characters over a background which are clearly reused assets. But I think there is an outside shot this game gets a sequel. What is even less likely is…

Prediction: Sony will announce their next handheld console, the follow-up to the Playstation Vita. The base for this prediction comes from the same thinking I had after the Nintendo 2DS XL was announced. Well, a few thoughts hit my head. First, we don’t need this. Second, it makes sense this is coming out and coming out so soon because the normal 2DS has been sold out everywhere for months. No restocks lead to a new console. What else hasn’t been restocked in a long time? That’s right, the Vita. There’s way more to this than I’m proud of, here we go.

in 2015 Sony announced they were ending support for the Vita and considering it a legacy console. What else happened in 2015? Sony filed a patent for a new handheld. It only makes sense that they would stop working on a Vita, that was losing easily to the 3ds, to work on a new handheld.

Sony isn’t pulling out of the handheld market, no matter how tight Nintendo’s grip is. They wouldn’t just hand the whole market to Nintendo and leave it with no competition. So, no Vita restocks, a patent filed for a new handheld in 2015- the same year Sony stops support for the Vita, and a market they certainly want to be in leads me to believe we’re on the verge of the Vita 2. Add in the growing success of the Nintendo Switch and I think Sony is in a good position to reveal this new handheld. I want credit for this one if it’s true.

Prediction: We get a nod to PlayStation 5. This is less likely than the Vita 2 prediction but I think we’re closer to PlayStation 5 than you think. We’re not going to see another eight-year console life like we did with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A lot of factors went into extending it that long. PlayStation 4 Pro is a weak upgrade from PlayStation 4 and not a long term answer. This year will mark four years of PlayStation 4 and I predict we’re looking at a five-year cycle for Sony. I think we get a PlayStation 5 announcement this year and it launches in the 12-month span between late 2018 and late 2019. I wouldn’t be surprised if games like Death Stranding or The Last of Us Part 2 are held off til the PlayStation 5. Of the two, Death Stranding is more likely the title to kick off the new console.

Microsoft is rolling out the Project Scorpio this year. Sony’s next console is certainly in development somewhere and they get to watch exactly as this unfolds for their competition. Whether it’s to one-up the Scorpio or to avoid making the same mistakes as it. Simply, PlayStation 5 is on the horizon and I think we can start in June getting geared up for it. The more likely route is we’ll see it sometime before E3 2018.

There you have it. This has been my preview for Sony at this year’s E3. Let me know what you think and what you’re excited for from Sony this year. And let me know how much you agree or disagree with my predictions. I’d love to chat about them.

Reminder, I’ll be doing a write up for each publisher with a press conference for this year’s E3 every week leading up to the event.

Don’t forget to go back and read my Xbox Preview, it’s just as good. Next week we look into Nintendo. Be back here Thursday!

Release schedule:

  • E3 Preview: Nintendo – May 18
  • E3 Preview: Bethesda – May 25
  • E3 Preview: Ubisoft – June 1
  • E3 Preview: EA – June 8

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As it stands right now, Dreams does not have "dud" written all over. Do some research before u write, mate. I follow MMs twitter. They post arwork done using Dreams regularly, and it's quite obvious they're hard at work finishing off the game. They are even hiring new people to finalize the product. I bet you they will show up this E3


Hey, thanks for the comment. The beautiful thing about this piece is it's an opinion piece. So, Dreams potentially being a dud is clearly just my opinion from reading about and seeing the game. But I've looked through MM's twitter and you're right, they post artwork here and there but the verbiage is interesting, they haven't called Dreams a game in any of their tweets as of late. That should be a little concerning because they're purely showing it off as a creation tool. I think MM is having a hard time making a 'game' here and you'll see this… Read more »

Jon Wax
Jon Wax

well… vr isn't the issue. i don't wanna rewrite stuff or poach, but dreams is needed for the health of the console industry as a whole. consoles need to be more then just babysitters. easily, someone will, with the right material, get a "deal" using dreams to create a show, whether it makes it to cable or just streams, someone will do a south park with dreams. pixar should be terrified. if… when dreams succeeds, hopefully the industry will see a bandwagon effect with companies like adobe and avid, etc. porting software to console which just democratizes access to output.… Read more »