Empathy: Path of Whispers

Today, game developer Iceberg Interactive announced a release date for their story-driven first person thriller Empathy: Path of Whispers. The game will release May 16 on Steam and other digital retailers.

In Empathy: Path of Whispers players must explore an abandoned world by experiencing the emotions and memories of those who once inhabited it. By doing so, the player will rebuild the crumbling world around them, staving off the impending apocalypse.

There’s a strong emphasis on narrative and storytelling throughout with players tasked with manipulating and warping around them to discover secrets and context. The overall goal is for the player to gain an understanding of the world which came before.

There’s a brand new trailer to check out too (Watch Below). The trailer offers a glimpse into the weird and atmospheric world of the game and sets up the mystery which players must unravel.

Empathy: Path of Whispers release May 16 on Steam.

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