The geeks shall inherit the Earth and that also includes the Wrestling Ring (as if they haven’t already). So which nerdy characters should make their way between the ropes?

A generally good tag team is two folks who can work well together or at least have a compelling tale of why they have to work together. They can be chalk and cheese or they could be like nachos and cheese. As long as they can kick some behind in the ring.

So I’m calling together all the heroes and warriors from geekdom to head the call of the wrestling ring.

Spider-man and Venom

You could definitely describe these two as chalk and cheese. The webhead and the slavering monster would make an epic team because Spidey already has some wrestling experience as he wiped the floor with Crusher Hogan.

Whilst Spider-man can do all the cool acrobatics. Venom can be the muscle using his brute strength to wipe out his opponent.

Also, Spider-man’s witty banter would surely best the likes of the New Day?

Goten and Trunks

These guys know each so well, they can fuse together. I don’t know two other people who’d make a better team. A big part of wrestling seems to be gimmicks, so I think two ripped kids who beat grown up men will fall into this category.

Also, with the news of Tom Hardy being cast as Venom, you’ve got an interesting size ratio going on.

Fred and George Weasley

Screw using chairs as weapons when you can use magical pranks.

Cue Hogwarts red head trouble makers tearing it up in the ring as they make their opponents tap as they can’t bear the magical itching powder and other pranks.

That’ll teach Cesaro and Sheamus for turning heel after the Hardy Boyz came on the scene.

Worf and Dax

The tough as nails Klingon and his even tougher wife are known for a mastery of Klingon Martial arts and a fondness for scrapping. I reckon these two could give the Miz and Maryse a run for their money on Smackdown.

Have I missed anyone? Let us know in the comments!

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