Fancy a new way to store your snazzy Pokémon? Well, look no further because I’ve got four geeky gadgets that you can use instead of the classic Pokéball.

Though before you say anything, Digi-vices are out… They are way too cool on their own to merged with Pokemon. So imagine if Pokemon invaded these different franchises and people had to adapt.


You know the only way a Pokeball looks cool is when you’re chucking it at your opponent. So what else is nerdy and scares the toilet fluids out of you when it’s thrown at you?

A Batarang of course.

I’m sure Batman could reverse engineer a Pokeball and graft it onto one of his trusty Batarangs striking fear into the hearts of any rogue Pokemon Trainers he could come across.

Star Trek Communicator Badge

It’s time boldly go where no one has gone before. The Enterprise comes across a planet full of Pokemon but due to copyright laws, they can’t call them that.

How would they store those useful little critters? Well, how about making those snazzy little communication badges even more useful by turning them into a Pokemon storage unit?

I mean there are no pockets in those snazzy little jumpsuits Starfleet officers wear.

Sonic Screwdriver


The Doctor is due to regenerate by Christmas. My guess is that he’s going become a much softer character who isn’t so grumpy.

So to make him a bit softer why doesn’t he merge a Pokeball with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver? I’m sure he’d make more friends with a charming Pokemon than a quirky quirk.

Might Morphin Power Rangers Morpher

It’d just be cruel if Rita Repulsa teamed up with Team Rocket and started using Pokemon is her quest for world domination.

So if the Power Rangers needed their own Pokemon it looks like Zordon, Billy and Alpha will have to turn those super magic belt buckles into a Pokeball. Then again, if they did that. Wouldn’t that turn the captured Pokemon into giant robots?

Wow, a giant mecha Blastoise is kind of cool. Then again, is Mewtwo did rebel, would he have gotten his hands on the Green Rangers Morpher?

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