Google Working on Standalone VR Headset

While presenting at I/O 2017, Google announced that they are working on a standalone VR headset. The headset will use tech from Google’s Tango augmented reality system to create “Inside-Out Tracking“. Google is currently working on a prototype and enlisting Lenovo and HTC to produce headsets.

The prototype, which has been developed in collaboration with Qualcomm, uses Snapdragon 835 processor and custom tracking cameras. In terms of software, the headset will run Daydream 2.0 which will take advantage of Android 0.

The headset will work without a PC or phone and will be controlled using a Daydream controller. There’s also a notifications shade along the side of the screen akin to a phone and a new VR window manager. It will use “WorldSense” tracking which uses front facing cameras to create reference points on edges around the room. This allows users to move around the room freely while wearing the device.

Google head of VR Clay Bavor promised two commercial versions “by the end of the year”. Not much else was shown of the headset, only an outline of what it will look like.