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Guilty Gear Xrd Rev. 2 Review

A fighter you shouldn't miss

Guilty Gear xrd

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator released back in June of 2016 to practically nothing but praise. Its gorgeous, stylised characters and backdrops, fluid combat, and a wealthy amount of content to keep any player occupied for hours on end made it a top contender for fighting games. Fast forward a year and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev. 2 is just as enjoyable.

Rev. 2 includes everything from the first Revelator game, but brings with it some welcome balance changes. The updated version also includes new moves for the ENTIRE roster, 2 new Characters, Baiken and Answer, a new “After Story” which picks up shortly after the main story, and new episode story scenes for Jam, Raven, Dizzy, and Haehyun.

Those that already own Revelator will only need to purchase the DLC update to get their hands on all these new perks and characters. For serious fans of the series they can purchase a hard copy for PS4 if they wish.

The balance changes are immediately noticeable. I played through probably 90% of the roster’s episodic mode. While the move sets for each character were certainly unique, they were easy to pick up and I never felt like the match ups were unfair. Any character feels like they are a threat towards their opponents, which is hard to pull off in a fighting game I think. Generally, when it comes to games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and the like there always seem to be characters that can just wreck the competition. Guilty Gear Rev 2 feels like all the characters can stack up against the others, which is something to brag about.

While Baiken is a returning character, Answer is a new addition to the franchise. Answer was introduced in Guilty Gear Sign but is playable for the first time in Rev 2. Both are welcome additions to the ever flashy, over the top roster. Baiken brings her lightning fast, one armed sword skills while Answer uses a more arcane move-set, think a Japanese version of X-Men’s Gambit.

While the After Story is an attempt at ironing out what has happened after the events of the main game, it was still kind of hard to follow. Most fighting games tend to not have a solid story to go along with anyways so its not a huge deal. This is probably the only slight let down of the game however, and it’s optional so if you could care less then skip the cinematic experience and dive right in to the fighting.

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2_20170420130144

While this isn’t a full blown sequel, the improvements of this game warrant credit to a team that is obviously passionate about the beat’em up games they constantly create. The balance changes and new moves make Guilty Gear Xrd Rev. 2 a perfect chance for anyone to jump into this series. The controls are easy to learn, the characters are wildly unique and fun to mess around with, and the combat is some of the most fluid I’ve seen for the genre. Guilty Gear Rev. 2 belongs on the shelf of any player that is a fan of fighting games.

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