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Psychological horror game, Hello Neighbor, has received an official release date not only for PC but for its Xbox One version too.

Developer TinyBuild has announced that Hello Neighbor will be landing on Xbox One and PC on August 29. For those who don’t know, Hello Neighbor has players tasked with finding out what exactly their neighbour has been hiding in his basement. However the game’s AI learns from your previous attempts making it increasingly difficult to outwit your moustache-wielding foe.

The creepy neighbour will learn from players’ every move and set traps, stalks them, and if they’re spotted, will chase them down.

TinyBuild has released a brand new trailer highlighting the game’s AI showing how he changes modes depending on the threat level, and learns how to counter your moves.

You can check out the new gameplay trailer below:

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Hello Neighbor is set to launch on PC and Xbox One no August 29. If you can’t wait that long however, you can currently opt into the game’s open development builds for £22 which gives you access to the game’s various alpha modes as well as the final release when August rolls around. You can also try out the free pre-alpha build.


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