Hitman Season Finale Hokkaido

Following the news that Square Enix has ended its business with Hitman developer Io Interactive and that the history of the new series might be in jeopardy, a new rumour suggests otherwise.

One of the big takeaways from last week’s news is that Square Enix retained the rights of the Hitman IP meaning that even if Io Interactive were to find a new investor, they couldn’t work on a new season for the game. Fortunately for fans of the new reboot, that might not be the case after all.

According to German website, Gamestar.de, a reliable source close to the current situation has stated that Hitman would remain with Io Interactive and that development on the second season is still in the works.

“We can not reveal any further details on the origin of this information, but we would like to state that the information is absolutely reliable and secure,” said Gamestar. “And we expect that IO will officially comment on it next week.”

Of course as with every rumour, there’s every possibility that this may not come to light at all, but fingers crossed, eh?

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