Today, Guerrilla Games announced a new patch for Horizon: Zero Dawn outlining several new features as well as substantial additions to the game’s photo mode.

The update will launch next week and includes the following improvements to Photo mode:

  • Three new filters for Photo Mode
  • The ability to display a grid
  • The option to add “Greetings From” to pictures
  • Ability to change Aloy’s pose and facial expression
  • Players can now make Aloy look into the camera
  • New slider which adjusts camera sensitivity
  • New map legend
  • Ability to hide head gear
  • HUD customisation options
  • Spanish VO pack

Jeroen Roding, Community Manager at Guerrilla Games went on to thank payers for engaging so much with the game stating, “The sheer beauty of the photos you have been sharing has been a huge compliment for us. We asked Roderick van der Steen, our lead lighting artist and in-house photographer, to select a few of his favorites and add some details on what makes these stand out.

You can view full patch notes for version 1.20 here.

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