Iron Fist

It’s kind of clear that Iron Fist in the weakest link in Marvels Netflix TV series. So maybe it’s time for Danny Rand to think about doing MMA?

With The Defenders around the corner, let’s talk about the awkward cousin of this team family.

One of the most interesting things about the future of Marvels Netflix is how they’re going to handle this dud and where Danny Rand will end up next. I mean his core skill is fighting, right? He is supposed to be a master of Kung Fu and all.

So what if Dana White decided to do a CM Punk and invite Danny Rand to fight in the UFC? He’s proven he can beat up bad guys since going into tournament fighting shouldn’t be so hard. Well for starters, he won’t be allowed to use his Iron Fist powers, it’s too much of an unfair advantage. So it’s down straight hand to hand combat, right?

Actually, Danny may need to hit the gym. Not because he’s out of shape but because he’s got a whole lot of learning to do.

Since MMA is a mix of lots of different martial arts including and not limited to kicking boxing, karate, wrestling and Brazilian Jiujutsu, Danny is going to need to learn a ground game. He’s proven in the past that he beat up crooks whilst standing up, but this is a whole different game.

Chinese martial arts don’t have much of a wrestling and grappling game so he’s going to need to train with some decent ground fighters. Maybe he should have a word with Joe Rogan or GSP? Or go and visit the Gracie Family in Brazil? I mean it was good enough for The Hulk to learn (like he did in his movie back in 2008).

After some intense training on the ground and floating around some decent MMA gyms, he should be ready. If it goes well, then boom he’s got a decent career ahead of him.

Though if things don’t work out, I’m sure he could have a decent run in the WWE?

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