This week Jagex, the games studio behind RuneScape, and Improbable, the company behind the SpatialOS technology, have announced a partnership to use this new tech in future game production.

For those who don’t know, SpatialOS is a computation platform allowing developers to pull more power out of a single game engine or server. By using standard tools, games deployed on the OS allows developers to build persistent, permanent, and engaging virtual worlds.

Herman Narula, Improbable’s co-founder and CEO, commented:

“Jagex has already made RuneScape an iconic brand in online gaming, and it’s great to be partnering with them to bring new levels of depth and scale to Jagex’s future creations by providing SpatialOS as a platform. From catching the first fish on Tutorial Island in 2001 to hunting for loot in the Wilderness, RuneScape and the world of Gielinor have given millions of players great stories to tell. We’re excited to see what such an experienced team with this established and well-loved IP will be able to do with our platform, which enables greater player density, larger and more detailed worlds and new forms of emergent gameplay.”

Phil Mansell, COO and acting CEO of Jagex, said:

“As a studio, we have online gaming at heart and we’ve always looked for technology that can help to deliver the best possible experience for our players. We’re looking forward to working with Improbable and discovering the advancements the SpatialOS platform can bring to multiplayer gaming.”

Details of how exactly Jagex and Improbable plan to do with SpatialOS is yet to be revealed, though we can probably guess that it’ll have something to do with the future of RuneScape.

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