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Pokémon Go fans might be in for a treat this Summer as Niantic Labs exec is teasing the possible addition of Legendary Pokémon for the game.

At this year’s Webby Awards, Pokémon Go scored “Best Mobile Game” as well as four other awards, and while that’s great news for the company, even better news comes via Niantic global product marketing lead Archit Bhargava, who said the following in his five-word acceptance speech:

“This Summer will be Legendary”.

Current Legendary Pokémon, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have been heavily rumoured to appear in Pokémon Go with no real announcement from Niantic Labs themselves, however this hefty tease could mean that we’ll finally see the three monsters this summer.

The latest from Niantic and Pokémon Go is the launch of a new Adventure-themed event which sees more Fossil and Rock Pokémon appearing in the game. This event is set to come to an end on May 25.


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