When will we see The Fantastic Four make their return to the pages of Marvel Comics? It’s probably only a matter of time, but what version will we see?

When I say “version”, I’m talking about the classic version that has inspired the cartoons and the first two live action movies and tends to be the subject of visual adaptation. If I’m honest, I would love talk about the Mangaverse Fantastic Four where the use tech suits to enhance their powers and turn in Godzilla style monsters, but that’s a dream that I probably won’t see realised.

Then there is the Ultimate Fantastic Four…

So here is the quick run down, The Ultimate Fantastic Four is the creation that spawned from the Ultimate Universe, a separate continuity of new ideas revamping classic Marvel characters. This revamped Fantastic Four gained their powers from a visit to the Negative Zone, a not an ill-fated visit to space.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t as drastic as it could be in comparison to how The Avengers became The Ultimates, though the storytelling was very on point. Strong science fiction stories that could go anywhere since the world had a whole universe of classic characters it could do whatever they wanted with.

Although the series was cancelled with a few series in the Ultimate Universe disappearing completely, the story didn’t stop there. From that point, we saw some of the most interesting Fantastic Four stories being told, in my opinion anyway.

We saw the characters progress and be taken in different directions. Think about it, Reed Richards could’ve easily been a super-villain, a super smart loner looked down up by society. Well, that’s what they did, and the twist really worked.

What if The Things rocky outer coating was a cocoon? Sounds interesting right? What if Sue became a valuable asset to the superhero community? It has its own merits and its own fun reveals?

What of Johhny Storm just bummed around? Okay, not so interesting and didn’t go anywhere but. Three out four is good, right? I’ve been speaking to people as well as having my ear to the ground, and the whole vibe is The Fantastic Four is stale.

Maybe these plot points deserve a second chance when The Fantastic Four are allowed back in comics? I think, dare I say it. Fantastic?

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Max Bennie

They've still got Ultimate Reed Richards, haven't they?