Microsoft has recently renewed the trademark for Scalebound, its recently cancelled project which was in development over at Platinum Games.

Despite cancelling the upcoming dragon-centric action-RPG, Microsoft still want to keep its claws in the name as the company has renewed the trademark for Scalebound, though there seems to be no current plans to do anything with the name, nor is there any danger of losing the registration.

Usually something like this would be put down to common business practices. Scalebound, a Microsoft-owned IP, will likely remain trademarked for the foreseeable future in order to protect the IP, however what’s interesting is that this renewal seemingly comes way before the original trademark is outdated.

Of course, chances are Microsoft are just making sure their grasp on the IP and name is as safe as it can be just in case they plan to do something with the name at a later date. Alternatively Microsoft might have something up their sleeves for the game, though that is just speculation at this point.

What we can say for sure is that Microsoft are well and truly in control of the Scalebound name so if Platinum Games wanted to continue work on the title, it would likely have to be done under a new name.

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