need for speed

EA and Ghost Games have confirmed that a new Need for Speed is in the works that’s due to launch later this year, and a few things will be changing.

With more details set to arrive during EA Play in June (basically E3), Ghost Games decided to give a few key facts about the upcoming title including details on the game’s online features, or lack thereof.

That’s right, after receiving feedback on the last Need for Speed’s “always online” connectivity the developers have revealed that this year’s instalment will be fully playable offline meaning you’ll actually be able to pause the game. It looks like there will be online connectivity but it won’t be vital to the game’s experience.

This year’s title will also have more customisation options and will play a “strong role” in the game this time around. Cops will also be present, which doesn’t seem too surprising. And finally, the game is set to continue looking as good as the last but this time it sounds like it’ll be much larger featuring both off and on and off-road racing.

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