Netflix just released a teaser trailer for a really cool concept – a prequel series to the Jim Henson 1982 film ‘The Dark Crystal’. There isn’t a release date yet but it’s officially coming to Netflix and will be starting filming in the fall!

Though there aren’t a ton of details just yet, especially plot wise, it’s suppose to be a ten episode series that takes place years before the The Dark Crystal.

The short trailer shows an exciting mix of old and new, hyping fans up for a show that will encompass everything that made The Dark Crystal amazing (with the creative creations of the Jim Henson Creature Shop and even it’s original conceptual designs,) while also bringing something new and fresh to the stories universe!

Newcomers and Fans of the original epic fantasy adventure, get excited! The teaser below looks like it’s in good hands and it’s going to be pretty awesome – and that was less than a minute long. Check it out below! What are your thoughts on the latest Netflix project?

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