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New Spiderman Homecoming Trailer Breakdown

A Promising Looking Film


Well our final Spiderman Homecoming trailer has been released, and man does it look like it will be a promising addition to the MCU. Of course, by this point Marvel has their movies down to a science.

Who else can take a superhero and give them their THIRD remake, and make it successful to boot? Marvel. Marvel will make this film a smash hit just like all their others.

Anyways, I digress…

First off, heres the trailer.

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OK, now that we’re all on the same page.

We see a nice couple shots of the New York City skyline. Then we see Peter Parker pull a “Clark Kent”.

Then we see him donning the spider suit, that Stark gave him, for the first time. How do I know this? Well he says “Alright, here we go,” then proceeds to be shocked when the suit responds to him, wishes him a good evening and tells him how many webslinging combinations he has. Pretty sure its safe to assume this is the first time in the new suit for him.

We then get a chance to see what things look like from his perspective. I always love these shots, mainly shown in the Iron Man films, its a unique way to make the audience feel closer to the hero, by seeing things through their eyes.

All that tech in a skin tight suit! He breaks the suit in by cannonballing some tweens drinking by the pool.

HAHA! Classic.

Peter meets up with Tony Stark in his car. He gets all excited about getting to keep the new suit, then embraces Tony in an awkward hug as Tony is just trying to let him out of the car. Poor kid just needs someone to fill that Uncle Ben void in his life… To soon?

Anyways, the trailer starts to pick up and we see him helping an old lady and catching a bike thief; all while reporting back to Tony Stark. Its apparent he’s feeling like he can be doing more. Obviously. Its natural for a kid with extraordinary powers to feel like he can be doing more when he’s just helping little old ladies.

But then he finally meets up with the Avengers!

Ok, just kidding, but for a second there you might have thought “wait did we watch the same trailer?”

Anyways, so what? They’re just some bank robbers right?


Its obvious from this scene that these punks have a dealer thats giving them this kind of fire power. Of course, they’re no match for Spidey still, but someone more ominous is dealing these weapons.

My money is on this guy, The Vulture. Played by non-other than Michael Keaton.

Now, a bit of back story here. The Vulture has been portrayed numerous times in the Spiderman comics. However, the one that assumed the mantle first and started it all, was a man known as Adrian Toomes. Adrian used his intelligence, and became an electrical engineer/inventor. This led him to co-found a small firm, Bestman and Toomes Electronics. His partner, Gregory Bestman, handled the administrative side of things while Toomes devoted himself to his side project. An electromagnetic harness which allowed it’s user to fly like a bird. Sadly, his inattention to detail would come back to bite him. It turns out, Bestman was stealing Adrian’s shares of the company while he was buried in his work.

Adrian decided to confront Bestman, in a physical manner, and this is when he realised that exposure to his harness had “gifted” him superhuman strength. Alas, even with super strength, he was unable to scare off Bestman and he lost control of his own company. Without any means of ganging back the company he started, Toomes retreats to a small place on Staten Island where he continues work on his electromagnetic harness. It is here he realizes the opportunity to take revenge with his new-found strength. The Vulture is born.

Now, whether this will be the backstory for the movie is yet to be seen. However, I think it is safe to assume Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes will have an electrical engineer type of background.

UGH! Just look at that suit! So badass.

Now, what is even more interesting, is a bit further into the trailer we see Spiderman getting shocked and sent through the back of a bus by this guy..

THIS is Herman Schultz, aka The Shocker. Not that kind of shocker, get your minds out of the gutter. Notice the silver gauntlet on his right hand and forearm.

In the comics Herman Schultz is a professional bank robber. He builds these gauntlets to send out shock waves in order to quickly open safes, as well as get an advantage on the cops. What is interesting is in the comics, the vibrations are so violent that Herman crafts an entire suit to absorb the vibrations so they don’t shatter his hands. Here, we see he’s pretty much in street clothes.

Buuuttt it looks like that doesn’t stop him from packing one hell of a punch.

The inclusion of more than one Spidey villain is a smart move. Its a nice way to break things up, even if the Shocker is a secondary, not as threatening villain.

We get a couple more shots a Peter Parker’s suit, it has little mechanical bug drones, the eyes can zoom in or out which is a clever way to covey more emotion while wearing a full mask (Deadpool movie did the same thing). AND it has these…

The classic webbed armpits! Ok, thats probably not the technical term for them but you get what I’m talking about. Marvel’s attention to detail never ceases to surprise me. These little nuances make the overall spider-suit we’ve seen SO many times before, feel new and refreshing and Marvel isn’t afraid to show it off.

The trailer then closes out with some quick action and what is probably going to be the near end of the film, where Spiderman saves a bunch of people by holding two parts of a riverboat together.

Without a doubt this film looks like it is shaping up to be one promising instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luckily we don’t have to wait much longer.

Spiderman: Homecoming releases July 7!

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