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Next Far Cry Game to be Set in Wild West

Revolvers at dawn for Far Cry and Read Dead Redemption 2?


The next entry into the Far Cry series could be set in the Wild West after the shoot details of a live-action trailer were leaked to the Great Falls Tribune.

The US daily morning newspaper reported that a film crew has been filming the live-action trailer on the Montana prairie. The producer of the trailer, Jeff Guillot, told the paper the game will be released in September and is a sequel to an existing franchise.

The filming apparently stretched for more than 5000 miles, from California to Montana, and part of the trailer has been shot in and around a church on the prairie.

While initial reports claimed the trailer is for Red Dead Redemption 2, the only 19th century western game known to be in development right now, the history of the producer indicates that this is a Ubisoft game. Guillot has worked with Ubisoft regularly in the past.

Far Cry players were polled by Ubisoft in early 2015 on where the setting should be for the next game. One of the options on this poll was a “Spaghetti Western style [game] set in the 19th century Americas”.

Ubisoft have used live-action trailers to promote games in the past so we may see the trailer at E3 next month.

If the rumours are true then we could be heading for a good ol’ Wild West shoot out between Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Far Cry series this Fall.

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