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Niantic Cracks Down on Pokemon Go Cheaters

Cheaters don't get to catch 'em all.

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Pokemon Go cheaters will be punished for their cheating ways after a new security measure was introduced by the game’s developer, Niantic, at the weekend.

The server-wide security measure means that hackers, bot users, and other cheaters will not be able to see rare Pokemon spawn in the area they’re in. This means that any cheaters will not be able to catch the rarest of the them all.

The Niantic Discord channel showed a screenshot of two Pokemon Go players who were in the same area at the same time. The ‘clean’ account could see a Geodude, Kabuto and Venonat nearby. Because the other account had been flagged for cheating, they could only see a Geodude.

Apparently, the block is easily bypassed by creating a new account. This does mean that cheaters will lose all of their Pokemon if they want another shot at catching them all.

Remember kids, crime does not pay.

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