Today, an expansion for Team Ninja’s brutal thrid-person action game Nioh is available for download.

The DLC, titled “Dragon of the North” allows players to explore Japan’s northern provinces along with adding a host of new features. A game play trailer for the DLC is now available to watch (watch below) and shows an action packed glimpse of what players can expect.

Dragon of the North” features new weapon types, enemies, and scenarios to explore as well as giving players access to new spirit guardians, yokai and ninjitsu techniques.

Nioh released earlier to massive critical acclaim. The game is a third person action game inspired by the Dark Souls series. Set in feudal Japan, Nioh contains an array of horrifying and brutally difficult enemies to conquer. The game has been praised for its difficulty and reliance on player skill.

We loved the game in our review saying “Nioh is an exercise in embracing patience and creativity in combat.”

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