Blizzard have unveiled a minor league for Overwatch in the form of Overwatch Contenders letting anyone worth their mettle in the game to become a part of the Esports scene.

Overwatch Contenders will be a part of the overall Overwatch League but will allow amateur players to get a taste of the Esports life. This new league will kick off this Summer in the US and Europe and is a way for anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to put their skills to the test and possibly be drafted by organisers into bigger Overwatch League teams.

The league is set to kick off with Season Zero and will be online-only. Qualifiers will determine the top eight teams in both the US and Europe putting them in the running towards earning a portion of a $50,000 shared prize pool.

These top six teams in the United States will be joined by notable names in the Overwatch league, Envy and Rogue, for six whole weeks of “round-robin play” in Season One. From here the top four teams will go on to play in an offline-only bracket with a prize pool worth $100,000.

In addition to all of this, Blizzard will also be hosting an Overwatch Open Division which is a smaller series aimed to offer a path towards Contenders. Details for the Open Division are due to be announced soon.

More details for all of this can be found out over on the Overwatch Contenders website.

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