Paradox Interactive, the developer and publisher behind games such as Cities Skylines, Stellaris, and the upcoming Battletech, have announced the opening of a new studio focused on mobile development.

The new studio, which is being opened in Malmö, a city in southern Sweden, will have a small team focusing on mobile development. Their am is to bring “mobile gamers the kind of deep, challenging experiences the world has come to expect from Paradox.”

Details of what sort of games they’ll be working on is currently unknown, but there’s a possibility we may see some popular Paradox IPs coming to the mobile market, which would be fantastic. Recently Paradox Interactive released Prison Architect: Mobile.

“Paradox is committed to exploring new territory in mobile game development, and I’m eager to lead that charge,” said Kim Nordström, SVP of Innovation and Mobile at Paradox Interactive. “Our plan is to bring the iconic Paradox style to mobile players across a broad catalog of titles. To achieve that, it’s important that we bring aboard the right people – people capable of delivering the kind of hardcore strategic titles we’re known for on PC. Games like Prison Architect: Mobile are just the beginning!”

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