It’s the sequel to the one before. This time you’re familiar with all the characters and the setting and it’s time to go below the surface and see what you can find.

This year, going to London’s nerdiest event of the year was a last minute plan which involved me and my friends staying in a hostel that did everything on the cheap. Do you think Iceman gets cold having cold showers? Well, I’m sure I would’ve like to body swapped with Bobby Drake for my morning shower. Maybe we could’ve used him when we found out the fridge didn’t work.

Ranting aside, my weekend began in the gloriously geeky way any con should start by talking to people about the geeky stuff we all enjoy. After a conversation on who is faster, Superman or The Flash, which diverged into if The Flash can react faster than Superman, which version of The Flash and Superman are racing, and of course, how DC won’t dare to answer the question in fear of having to close down another comments section.

We expanded into the world of anime than ventured in The Fox (the pub opposite the Excel Centre) and watched a whacky Deadpool cosplay getting his groove on.

We woke up Saturday morning a little rough but decided to suit up Avengers style. This year I was going with a group of cosplayers… Little did anyone know I sucked as cosplay or making costumes, I always have.

Not wanting to wear anything too complex or heavy since the convention centre was going to be very hot. I settled on powerless Superman. This is what I was supposed to look like:

Whether it worked, I don’t know. Maybe I just didn’t have a strong enough gun show. Maybe it was because everyone was blown away by my friends Spider-man cosplay as the MCU Spidey in his first crude costume.

Your costume has to be pretty cool if even Batman wants a photo right?

The centre was full of epic things to buy, the usual tables full of comics rare and new. Of course, I stopped and had an intense flicking and added some great finds to my collection. Check out below:

The top of the triangle is a creator owned book. On the bottom left if a Battle of Planets mini-series and on the right is a Beast Wars prequel comic

After a rumage and quest to find a Pokemon key ring and another friends desire to own the Death of Spider-man comic we ventured outside to have a Joker chat to us about when girl Hawkeye will get her own movie.

Actually, the girl Hawkeye (Kate Bishop by the way) was actually Katniss from the Hunger Games and got the iconic whistle once or twice.

My highlight of the day was meeting David Yost, the original Mighty Morphin Blue Power Ranger. Typically, I turned into a dough eyed fanboy who probably made a fool out of myself by telling David I had been watching him on TV since I was 4. They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes because they can’t live up to your expectations, I shouldn’t meet them because I’m such a dork.

We had a tour of the anime and manga section of the convention and got baffled by a cool but unknown Fullmetal Alchemist product. The confusion must have made us hungry since we chowed down, though the confusion continued when we saw a Jawa and Teal’c from Stargate SG1 on the table beside us.

After filling up, we made our way back to the Fox for round two where I met the Cabbage guy from Avatar and we both proudly screamed ‘My cabbages!’ at each other. You know where the worst place to a start a fight is? At a superhero convention. Like one guy did and had it broken up by Batman… They do say the clothes make the man.

Sunday came after 2 hours sleep and an Uber glitch that the Cylons would’ve exploited and on my lonesome I scoured the comic books again looking for the rares and obscures that kept me going.

I rounded the weekend off in the gardens watching a dancer trying to get everyone to join in with some Japanese dances. Me being too hungover to join in.

Another great weekend at the con. I’m so glad events like this can bring all of the nerds from comics ,anime and beyond together.

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