SPOILER ALERT: THe following article will contain (hopefully) mild spoilers, after all it’s hard to review a TV series with such an intricate plot without giving away somethings. I will refrain from dropping the biggest spoilers as far a physically possible. I also have to apologise for the spelling errors with regards to character names. These will hopefully be rectified and correct from here on out. That said, ON WITH THE SHOW!

You see what I did there? Everyone’s a critic. Okay, seriously here we go.

So we left off Episode 1, Ogygia, with Linc and C-note in Yemen having just met Michael who claims to have no knowledge of them and to be Kaniel Outis, not Michael Scofield. Sara’s new husband, Jacob Ness, has just been shot and hospitalised after two mysterious goons have broken into their house, looking for Sara. We were left with many many questions and given this is the start of the series, it was to be expected. You’ll be pleased to know that you quickly start getting answers.

Episode 2 – Kaniel Outis: Things kick off by explaining that a big bad terrorist leader, Abu Ramal, is incarcerated with Michael in Ogygia. Supposedly Michael, as Kaniel Outis, has a long history of supplying weapons and other such stuff to Ramal. As well as being introduced to Ramal, we also meet Whip. Whip is one of Michael’s cell mates, along with Ja and Sid. Whip appears to have a prior connection to Michael and makes reference to potentially previous breakouts that they’ve done together. By this point, Michael acknowledges that he IS Michael and hasn’t lost his memory or been brainwashed or anything, so there goes that theory. He works with Whip in order to help break Ja, Sid and controversially, Ramal out of Ogygia.

Sara receives the footage from Ogygia of Linc’s meeting with Michael and starts seeking answers, calling the State Department about a missing person abroad. We’re re-introduced to Kellerman. Now fans of the series will see that name and think “Ah shit, here we go.” I did too. Kellerman raises all kinds of questions about whats going on, purely because of how sketchy he had been in the past before becoming one of the good guys at the very end. Has he slipped back into his nefarious ways? Showing Sara some footage of Michael killing a guy then kinda playing it off like there’s nothing he can do certainly gives that impression.

We also hear the name Poseidon thrown around and attributed to the mysterious bad guys. God forbid the evil suit wearing guys would have a name like “Evil Corp” instead of some cringey codename but hey, that’s the world these guys live in. T-Bag has a robot hand, these guys are named after a Greek God. Greek Mythology keeps popping up though so keep an eye out for that I guess!

Michael then starts getting messages out to Linc and Sara himself, driving home the fact that he IS Michael and has been all along. I never doubted it. Honest. Disregard the previous article, the one where I made all those theories about him not being him.

Episode 3 – The Liar: Michael and Whip have been in Ogygia for the last 4 years apparently, their original escape attempt on the first day failing, and trapping them there. Whip begins questioning whether or not Michael has become radicalised during his time in solitary confinement. Given how he’s been acting it’s hardly surprising, he’s not been the same Michael we’ve known from previous series.

This episode gives alot of background information to Whip and Michael’s relationship and their previous escapades. It seems that Poseidon, the shifty suit guys, placed Michael and Whip in Ogygia in order to breakout Ramal to further their own schemes, whatever they are. Michael and Whip having been together a long time explains a lot and helps fill in the details of the past 7 years, but we’re no closer to knowing how he survived the events of Season 4.

Episode 4 – The Prisoner’s Dilemma: The city is falling apart. ISIL forces are taking Yemen to pieces as part of the civil war raging within, threatening to trap Michael, C-Note, Whip and everyone else. Becoming a race against the clock things get tense and desperate and all kinds of drama unfolds. Sara even enlists T-Bag’s help in trying to discover the truth behind everything. T-Bag’s motivation to know who gave him a million dollar robot hand is a little tenuous, I mean why look a gift horse in the mouth? But I guess T has never been a big fan of other people manipulating him so it kind of makes some sense.

With all that said, Prison Break Season 5 is doing an absolutely fantastic job of keeping you hooked and engaged in the story. The level of mystery and intrigue gets deeper with every passing second and each revelation leaves you questioning motives and involvements even more. The balance between drama, action and intrigue is perfect once again and the plot constantly leaves you wanting more.

It’s taking all of my willpower to avoid watching episode 5 right now, but I’m going to have to wait another 2 weeks so we can look at episodes 5-8, dedicating the last article purely to the finale that’s set to be incredible if the 4 I’ve seen so far are anything to go by.

Just who is Poseidon? What’s he gain from releasing a big bad terrorist into the world? Why is he sending Michael and Whip to all these places in order to break random people out? Why has Michael waited until now to reach out to Linc and Sara? Who the hell thought giving T-Bag a robot hand was a good idea? What’s Sucre up to? I have so so many questions that need answering….

One thing I can say that takes away from things are the crappy uses of some special effects. They’re only small moments and don’t detract too much from everything, the can be easily overlooked but they’re still kind of annoying. In a show all about attention to detail ciphers and cryptic codes, you think they’d do a better job of them….

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