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Production of PlayStation 3 Ends

The PlayStation 3 is dead, long live the PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3

Production of the PlayStation 3 has ended after running for over ten years. The 500GB model has been in production alongside the PlayStation 4 for over three years now and it seems Sony is ready to move on from it.

The ten-year run is almost exactly like for like with PlayStation 3’s main competitor, the Xbox 360, which was also in production for around ten years. Production of the Xbox 360 ended over a year ago, in April 2016.

That said, the PlayStation 3 hasn’t come anywhere close to beating the lifespan of the PlayStation 2, production of which ran for an unbelievable 13 years.

The PlayStation 3 finishes on a high after having sold more than 80 million consoles since launch. Sony’s newest ‘main entry’ console, the PlayStation 4, may surpass sales of its predecessor given that it has already sold 50 million units and appears to still have a good few years in it.

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