The launch of Farpoint is imminent, with the game scheduled for release on May 16. In preparation, Sony have restocked the PSVR units for North America while also unveiling a new advertising campaign.

The “Two Worlds” campaign look to show off the headset by bringing incredible gaming experiences to the real world. A new trailer (watch below) accompanies the new campaign showing a player dropped into the sci-fi shooting world of Farpoint.

In a blog post over on the PlayStation Blog, Eric Lempel SVP  who handles marketing and PSN matters, explained the new campaign.

If you’ve tried PlayStation VR, then you know how it can quickly transport you to another world. In the case of Farpoint, that means sending you to a distant planet filled with nasty space bugs (including giant spiders).”

He continues to assure fans that now is a great time to make the jump over to PSVR, with many exciting titles planned for later this year.

Farpoint places players on a deadly planet populated by giant insects and murderous robots. The game launches alongside the brand new AIM controller which allows for fully immersive shooting mechanics. The game + AIM bundle will release May 16 for £69.99.

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