Great news Trekkies as the time is finally here. For decades, sitting on the bridge of a Starfleet spacecraft has been the dream of every Star Trek fan, and now it’s is possible.

Only one release this week but who cares when it’s a VR Star Trek game, Let’s dive in.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Releasing this week is one of the biggest titles to hit PlayStation VR so far. From Ubisoft comes Star Trek: Bridge Crew a co-op party game in which a group of players must navigate the stars by working together to pilot the USS Aegis. The game puts players directly onto the bridge and tasks them with managing shields, weapons systems and warp drives in order to complete a series of missions.

In Bridge Crew, the Vulcans’ home planet has been destroyed by Romulans so the player must find them a new one. The player sets off into an uncharted sector of space called “The Trench” in search of a viable planet. Cross play between PSVR and Vive will be available at launch with five 20-30 minute missions to play through.

You can watch the launch trailer below and be sure to check back next week for everything new in the world of PSVR.

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