town of light

Wired Production have announced that first person adventure game The Town of Light will release on consoles and PC on June 6 2017. This new release will feature some additional content including new puzzles, story-supporting content, additional interactive elements as well as overhauled graphics and UI.

The news comes alongside a new live action launch trailer which can be watched below. The trailer, titled “The Shadow of Memories“, features an original soundtrack by Icelandic Singer-songwriter Soley and highlights the game’s reality-grounded premise.

The Town of Light follows Renée, a sixteen year old girl who is suffering from a mental illness. Players must uncover the mystery of where she spent her childhood. The game blends storytelling, puzzle solving and warped reality to tell a unique and emotional experience. The game is set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum.

The Town of Light releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC June 6 2017.

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