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505 Games has announced that their single-player disease-fighting game Quarantine has left Early Access officially launching on Steam.

In Quarantine players are required to contain and cure outbreaks of diseases currently infecting the world. During its Early Access period, developer Sproing have taken feedback from the community to aid development and improve the game. This allowed them to test out new features like the Workshop mode which is used to create additional diseases.

“For an independent developer, the Steam Early Access program is such a great tool,” said Harald Riegler, CEO Sproing. “Being able to get our game in front of players early on helped us finetune the experience and provided insight into what players wanted from a single-player strategy game. For our official launch, we’ve added new content based on that feedback, including several new diseases and the ability to name your own pathogens. We hope people will enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed working with the community to make it.”

We previously previewed Quarantine saying that while it’s promising it had some way to go to “scratch that Pandemic itch”. Hopefully the game has improved since.


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