Games publisher 1C has announced Ancestors, a real time strategy (RTS) game for Windows PC, and Xbox One.

The game will be a squad-based RTS with “a strong focus on tactics” and is set in medieval times. Players will be able to control armies from four different factions- Viking, Anglo-Saxons, German and Slav. The single-player campaign will feature a series of battles to take control of Europe, and the developer claims that there will be more to it than that- the game includes aspects of resource management and base-building, along with “large-scale, squad-based battles across vast battlefields”. There will also be a mode featuring “intense multiplayer battles”.

A trailer was released, featuring a Viking army storming a beach, and showing some brutal combat in the midst of a raging battle. Players will be able to experience the action close-up with the ability to change perspective from the classic birds-eye RTS view to a “cinematic action camera” view. According to 1C, the game will be “historically accurate” to the Middle-Ages.

Ancestors is being made by developer Destructive Creations, who have been working on the game since 2015. You may remember Destructive Creations from the controversy surrounding one of their previous games, the uber-violent shoot ‘em-up Hatred, which was temporarily removed from Steam before being re-instated after an intervention by Valve founder Gabe Newell himself.

There are no details yet as to the release date of Ancestors, but there will be more announcements at Gamescom later this year. Check out the trailer below.

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